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Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedic Surgery

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedic Surgery

Given the heavy reliance on radiological imaging for making orthopedic diagnoses, much of the focus of machine learning (ML) within orthopedics has focused on automating the interpretation of radiologic imaging. At this point, it is well established that ML algorithms can match, or in some cases, exceed the accuracy of trained radiologists or orthopedic surgeons.  There is a growing body of evidence that supports the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in joint reconstruction, spine, orthopedic oncology, trauma, and sports medicine.  Farhadi F, Barnes MR, Sugito HR, Sin JM, Henderson ER, Levy JJ. Applications of artificial intelligence in orthopaedic surgery. Front Med Technol. 2022 Dec 15;4:995526. doi: 10.3389/fmedt.2022.995526. PMID: 36590152; PMCID: PMC9797865.

AOP Response: We are on top of this trend. AOP is establishing a study to test AI’s ability to predict the correct time required for an initial patient visit based on patient-reported characteristics. We want to assist our patients, physicians, and schedulers so that clinicians (physicians, NPs, PAs, and PTs) have enough time to stabilize, treat and educate patients likely to need surgery, to shorten the process for all concerned.

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