We at AOP understand the challenges orthopedic surgeons face every day and we’re here to stand beside you – uniting the best in private orthopedic practice with the advantages of collaboration.

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A better partnership

Partnering with a company supported by private equity is a major decision.  Two of the biggest concerns we hear from practices considering such a move are loss of control and compromised patient care.  We understand these fears, and our partnership model is designed to maintain practice-level authority and introduce and support innovative clinical initiatives.

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A physician mindset

We are led by physicians, owned by physicians, and physicians are the most valuable asset we have.  AOP was built to view the world as a physician does, with a passion for exceptional patient care and a strong desire for autonomy.  Clinical excellence and local control are embedded in our culture.

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Dr. Mike Birman
Hand to Shoulder

Healthcare is local

Successful orthopedic practices are rooted in their communities. They understand local economics and employment issues, their payer mix, their competition, and most importantly their patients.  To the maximum extent feasible, AOP delegates authority to the local level, keeping it where it belongs.

Aligned for the future

Collaboration and innovation are key to driving transformative change in the orthopedic healthcare industry.  This is the immediate benefit that AOP brings to our practices: the capacity to develop and implement pioneering approaches with like-minded physicians.  Together we approach the future with strength, resilience, and confidence.

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