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Leading with Experience: How AOP's Physician-Led Approach Boosts Practice Growth

Leading with Experience: How AOP’s Physician-Led Approach Boosts Practice Growth

For private practice orthopedic surgeons considering private equity investment, the fear of losing their patient experience and control over their practice to a faceless corporation is real. However, American Orthopedic Partners (AOP) offers an alternative approach, one that understands and prioritizes the unique intricacies of running a successful orthopedic practice.

A Unique Perspective

At AOP, our leadership team is comprised of orthopedic surgeons who have run their own practices. This unique perspective allows us to offer insights and strategies that resonate with the aspirations and challenges faced by today’s orthopedic practices. Our seasoned physicians prioritize patient needs and provider support, ensuring that the fears associated with private equity investments are put to rest.

AOP: A Physician-Led Organization

Our dynamic and seasoned leadership team brings over a century of orthopedic experience to the table. We understand the challenges of building a successful specialty partnership like AOP. Our proven track record in driving transformative change in practices stems from our intimate familiarity with these challenges.

Confronting Industry Challenges

Today’s orthopedic industry presents its own set of challenges. With AOP, your practice receives expert guidance to confront these challenges and thrive. We create an environment where the benefits of your hard work are realized, fostering a win-win situation for all involved.

Maintaining Practice-Level Authority

One of the biggest concerns for orthopedic practices considering private equity partnerships is loss of control and compromised patient care. At AOP, we understand these fears. Our partnership model is designed to maintain practice-level authority, ensuring that patient care remains uncompromised, and your practice grows and thrives.

Join the AOP Community

Partnering with AOP means joining a community of leading orthopedic surgeons, working together to deliver exceptional care for our patients and career satisfaction for our physicians. We invite you to become a part of our community and experience the benefits of partnering with AOP.

At AOP, our deep experience as orthopedic surgeons and understanding of running successful practices can help optimize your operations, tap into industry expertise, and access resources without sacrificing patient experiences. If you’re an orthopedic practice considering accelerating growth and efficiency through a private equity-supported partnership, we hope you consider AOP.

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