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Regenerative Medicine in Orthopaedics: New Therapy or Complementary Technique?

Regenerative Medicine in Orthopaedics: New Therapy or Complementary Technique?

The cutting edge of regenerative medicine often uses stem cells, with a focus on tissue regeneration, replacement and engineering. These techniques have long held interest for orthopedics, because joints are particularly difficult for natural processes and specialists to treat.  Expectations for new orthopedic treatment options are high.  Based on currently available research, stem cells seem to be effective in speeding recovery and short-term pain reduction, but there is no consensus about which cases will benefit from a regenerative approach.  Medical Device Network, March 25, 2022

AOP Response: We have high hopes that advanced drug and gene/immune therapies will lead to revolutionary advancements. Unfortunately, currently, many of these therapies are limited by the FDA for use in the US. Many regenerative technologies are approved for treatment outside the US and in veterinary medicine, and we are staying abreast of the associated research. But the cost remains prohibitive, and questions endure about whether stem cells should be a standalone therapy or a complement to traditional orthopedic practices. AOP anticipates being an early adopter once biologics/cellular therapies are allowed more broadly in the US.

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