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The Moral Crisis of America’s Doctors

The Moral Crisis of America’s Doctors

The corporatization of health care has changed the practice of medicine, causing many physicians to feel alienated from their work.  The demands of administrators, hospital executives and insurers force physicians to stray from the ethical principles that are supposed to govern the profession. The pull of these forces left many doctors anguished and distraught, caught between the Hippocratic oath and “the realities of making a profit from people at their sickest and most vulnerable.”  New York Times, June 15, 2023

AOP Response: The crisis is realWe foster career satisfaction and leadership development for our physicians and other clinicians. We are in the process of establishing an AOP mission program to serve those without access to orthopedic care, to give added meaning and purpose to our physicians. We promote local sponsorships, speaking engagements, hospital committee participation, and other pro bono work that help AOP staff feel good about their commitment to their careers and our company. We do not pressure our physicians to do anything but what’s right for each individual patient.

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