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Trend to Watch: The Rise of Office-Based Surgery

Trend to Watch: The Rise of Office-Based Surgery

The number of office-based procedures will increase and this type of care will become more common as more robust data about positive outcomes becomes available.  Proponents of office-based surgery say the move works in concert with the inpatient-to-HOPD and ASC migration.  Just as procedures at outpatient surgery centers freed up hospitals to perform the complex procedures they do best, performing appropriate procedures in offices will give practices that operate busy ASCs the increased flexibility they need.  AORN, Outpatient Surgery Magazine, June 5, 2023

AOP Response: Our practices are beginning to be favorably impacted by this trend. We assist our physicians to provide office-based minor surgery. Already hand surgery is regularly performed in the office. Careful patient selection is critical. Hand cases and other procedures that don’t cause significant bleeding or require metal implants are performed under local anesthesia. Anesthesiologists can be contracted to assist in the office, as required.

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