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What the Shift to Outpatient Care Means for the Orthopedic Industry

What the Shift to Outpatient Care Means for the Orthopedic Industry

The shift to outpatient setting has improved outcomes, improved patient satisfaction and dramatically decreased the cost of orthopedic care.  Since surgeons choose the site of service and direct post operative rehabilitation, they realize that they can meaningfully reduce the total cost of MSK care, while simultaneously increasing patient satisfaction and improving patient outcomes.  Proactive orthopedic groups have the opportunity to capitalize on the shift to outpatient care by entertaining different reimbursement models.  Beckers Spine Review, March 17, 2023

AOP Response: Our practices continue to be favorably impacted by this trend. We assist our physicians to own and develop ASCs. Over the past several years, CMS has removed close to 300 MSK procedures from the inpatient-only list. Surgeons exert considerably more control over the care delivered and patient satisfaction in an ASC compared to a hospital. The trend empowers our efforts to bundle common orthopedic procedures and market the bundles to local employers.

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